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Aircharge supports Next Meal with its launch event at the House of Commons and further.

Feb 7, 2020


The creative initiative headed by Martin Stone that’s goal is to “help the homeless and vulnerable find their next meal” through the use of technology such as GPS data, Next Meal directs homeless people to their nearest soup kitchen for food and shelter. As the number of food bank users across the UK is dramatically rising Next Meal is making the search for soup kitchens easier. 


Founder & CEO of Aircharge, Steven Liquorish, first saw Martin Stone (leads the Muswell Hill Soup Kitchen at Muswell Hill Baptist Church) in an interview by the BBC about Next Meal. Immediately Steve saw how Aircharge could try and assist the cause. With the homeless having limited access to power but still using mobiles to stay connected with the world as well as locating their nearest soup kitchen. To help, Aircharge's Wireless charging tables will be provided across the whole Next Meal network to give the homeless access to power whilst they eat their Next Meal.


Martin’s great work so far has proven to help 40 rough sleepers in London every day and this number continues to rise.


For more information on Next Meal or to Donate, go to

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