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Aircharge to demonstrate the latest wireless charging solution for the modern office space at Orgatec 2018

Oct 23, 2018

Aircharge has partnered up with Vitra as part of its presentation ‘WORK’

Aircharge, the global leader in wireless charging technology for the office, public venues and home, will demonstrate its latest wireless charging solutions at Orgatec, the unique trade fair for planning, design and establishment of office solutions, in Cologne from 23-27 October.

Aircharge will be part of Vitra’s ambitious presentation named ‘WORK’, an innovative installation focusing on the increasing convergence of the office realm and public spaces as workers progressively lay claim to public venues as places in which to work.

Modern workers are always connected and rely heavily on their mobile phones and other personal devices throughout the day – both onsite and off, frequently switching between collaborative, common and private areas or meeting rooms within the office environment. Aircharge provides a safe and convenient solution to allow them to keep their devices powered and connected without having to carry cables or power banks. With a seamless surface or subsurface integration into any desk or tabletop, the Aircharge Qi-certified wireless charging technology allows users to charge by simply placing any of the over 130 compatible handsets, including the latest Apple, Samsung, Google, LG, Sony and Huawei models, directly on top of the charger.

Installed in breakout areas, meeting rooms, workstations and individual desks, the Aircharge wireless charging solutions are sleek and simple and seamlessly blend into the office environment, providing more flexibility and choice to workers, ensuring their productivity never slows due to battery levels.

With the amount of wires utilised in the office reaching a critical mass and creating an unnecessary amount of clutter, it is easy to appreciate the impact that wireless charging could have not only on office aesthetics, but also and more importantly on the health and safety risks associated with excess wires and direct access to AC sockets.

Aircharge has been engineered with a quick installation design that fits into 18-50mm thick desktops which allowed the chargers to be retrofitted into standard 80mm grommets drilled in the existing furniture. Aircharge also offers a range of bespoke textures and materials including veneer, leather and tempered Gorilla glass options to perfectly match the office environment.

When utilised to its fullest potential and supported by an intelligent cloud‐based IoT platform, Aircharge can play a pivotal role in monitoring and controlling elements of the workspace remotely – for example room usage, and in offering the possibility for integrated services like user authentication, or mapping space usage and user location in a venue to create an intelligent and responsive working environment.

The Aircharge connected solution will be deployed across Hall 5.2 and will be on display in a demo set up at stand A015. 

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