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Aircharge wireless charging deployed in Sydney Airport

Jun 4, 2019

Wireless charging has landed at Sydney Airport to top up mobile phones before taking off

The Aircharge charging station is situated in the waiting area at T1 International, also known as Kingsford Smith airport, in the northwest sector of Sydney’s main airport hub.

Nowadays keeping devices powered up is one of the most frustrating chores for passengers. Even if you travel with a portable battery pack you will soon need to find a way to charge it along with all your other devices.

With charging lockers proven inconvenient since they force users to leave their phones behind, and USB ports exposed to cyber-attacks, Aircharge offers the safest and most convenient solution to keep mobile devices fully powered in a public venue. By bringing wireless power directly at tables, Aircharge allows passengers top their smartphone battery by simply placing the device on top of the charger, without the need of plugging a cable or adaptor or having to find access to a power socket.

There are over 140 smartphones already certified to the universal standard for wireless charging Qi, including the latest Apple and Samsung models, and about 5,000 Aircharge public locations including installations in Heathrow, Gatwick, JFK, Miami International, Boston Logan International and Dubai International. Aircharge also works directly with premium airlines like British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines, Delta, Finnair, Austrian Airlines, Emirates, Aer Lingus, and travel catering and retail companies like SSP Group, Estee Lauder and Hard Rock Café.

In addition to wireless charging, passengers travelling through T1 International at Sydney Airport can fully benefit from the Aircharge QR web application, which provides convenient access to services such as airport Wi-Fi, flight times, places to eat and shops, and allows users to contact the airport support team or leave feedback on their experience, all directly on their mobile phone.

With data connectivity, Sydney Airport facility managers can also monitor the status of the charging station in real time and access insightful analytics on traffic and dwell-time.

To learn more about Aircharge wireless charging for airports and the transport sector click here or contact us directly.

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