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Aircharge sponsors NextMeal charity event

Mar 1, 2018

Charity app directs homeless to free meals in London

Muswell Hill Soup Kitchen is rightfully proud of their achievements with their app, Next Meal, which directs homeless people to venues offering free food and other vital services in London. Following a successful launch in November 2017, attended by Muswell Hill residents Sean Lock, Naomie Harris and Lee Mack, the app’s creators are branching out and looking at ways to cover more of the UK. Aircharge are sponsoring their event “Next Meal; Next Steps” at Muswell Hill Baptist Church on Thursday 1st March to demonstrate how technology is helping the most vulnerable sectors of society by providing links to community and charity programmes and services. Aircharge is dedicated to bringing wireless charging into the Soup Kitchens part of the Next Meal network to ensure all homeless visitors can top up and stay connected. An estimated 4,751 people slept rough on the streets of England in 2017, an increase of 15% on the previous year, meaning the figures have risen for seven consecutive years and London, where the app is currently focused, saw an increase of 18% to 1,137. Sean Lock admits homelessness invokes an uncomfortable sense of powerlessness on both sides: “When you see people begging it creates a dilemma. You start making judgements, are they genuine? is the money being used for what they said? We either completely ignore people begging or give money. A lot of people care but feel confused about what’s the right thing to do. This is another option, putting people in touch with someone to help them.”

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