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The WPC hosts press event in London

Nov 7, 2018

Aircharge latest technologies on display.

The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) hosted today a press only event in London to share the latest development of Qi - the universal standard for wireless charging.

In front of a selected audience of journalists and industry analysts gathered at the Mondrian Hotel in Central London, Menno Treffers, Chairman of the WPC, Hans Kablau, Chair of the Kitchen Application Group, and Stefano Piccioli, Chair of the European Promotional Group and Head of Marketing at Aircharge, presented how wireless charging applications for the home, office, public venues and transport are changing the traditional way we're experiencing corded power. Robert Wilkin, Business Development Director at Baker Bellfield also joined the presenters to introduce the partnership between Aircharge and his company to create the world's first fully rail compliant wireless charging system, which will debut on trains early in 2019.

Aircharge supported the event showcasing its IoT connected solutions for public venues like restaurants and offices and the latest innovations in the transport sectors, including solutions for buses and trains.


The WPC have seen a rapid increase in numbers during the last year with the members growing from about 200 to over 630 members at the end of October and over 300 million commercially proven products now in use in the market. The Qi registry now lists over 3,000 products carrying the official Qi certifications, including over 130 smartphone models such as the latest Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPhone, Sony Xperia, LG and Huawei models and over 120 car models from leading automotive manufacturers.


Qi now represents an established, universal wireless charging standard available to developers and consumers. The WPC’s certification program, supported by independent labs, consists of rigorous tests to ensure interoperability (backwards compatibility), reliability and safety for products built with the Qi standard. 
Uncertified products pose severe risks of overheating, incompatibility and damage to the device, user or environment where the product is used.

You can find a list of all Qi certified products here.


  • AT HOME - According to a Global Consumer Study by the WPC with Toluna Research in 2018, 62% of UK consumers are interested in using wireless charging technologies in their homes. Find Aircharge Qi certified products for the home here.
  • IN THE CAR - Wireless charging has been adopted by nearly all global manufacturers. 42% of UK consumers are now interested in using wireless charging technologies in their cars.
  • IN THE OFFICE - Office furniture manufacturers and office providers are incorporating wireless charging within new designs, particularly in hot desks and meeting rooms, allow employees the flexibility and connectivity they require to do all their tasks during the day, no matter which areas of the office they’re working from and without having to carry cables and adapters. Companies like Aircharge provides access to a connected Internet of Things ecosystem with the smart wireless charging solutions, allowing businesses to monitor traffic in and out the office in real-time to get a better understanding of things like meeting room and desk occupancy. The technology can also deliver smarter services like setting up a room the way you want it in terms of temperature and lighting, and booking a desk or meeting room.
  • IN PUBLIC VENUES - the UK are leading the global deployment of Qi in public venues with over a 1,000 installations out of 5,000 in coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, train stations, airports and hotels. Businesses are seeing wireless charging as a model to increase engagement, drive footfall to venues and ultimately monetise it. Aircharge and partner brands such as McDonald's, Virgin, Novotel, Ibis, Premier Inn, Starbucks, Vodafone, EE, etc. account for most of this deployment. 
  • ON TRANSPORT - Wireless charging solutions can now be found on buses and soon on trains.


The Kitchen Work Group develops specifications of an interface between cordless kitchen appliances and inductive power sources for powering these appliances, with the vision of utilising wireless power in the kitchen in the very near future. Demo applications from leading manufacturers are already available and were on showcase at the event.

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