The all-round charging solution combining our Point of Display and Orb with an integrated wireless charger.

Product code: AIR0287 (Black finish, Fixed)

Product code: AIR0294 (Black finish, Free standing)

Product code: AIR0312 (Grey leather, Fixed)

Product code: AIR0313 (Grey leather, Free standing)

Product code: AIR0314 (Ebony veneer, Fixed)

Product code: AIR0315 (Ebony veneer, Free standing)


  • The Aircharge ORB enables non-compatible mobile devices to be charged wirelessly
  • Micro USB, USB Type-C and MFi Apple “lightning” connectors
  • Simply place the ORB on the integrated Qi wireless charger to start charging
  • The central lightning bolt will illuminate once centred on a Qi wireless charger, indicating your ORB is receiving power and ready to connect to your mobile device
  • The Point of Display securely holds the Aircharge ORB via a retractable Kevlar cable
  • Simple visual instruction of how to use the wireless charging solution.
  • Variants with double ORB or integrated wireless charger also available.
  • Perfect for reception areas, lounges and bedside tables

Technical Specifications

  • Finish/colour: Chrome block and black/Leather/Wood Veneer charger
  • Input: DC 5V, 1500mA (plug must be this specification)
  • Power cable: 2m USB
  • Frequency: 100-200kHz
  • Certification: Qi certified


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