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Aircharge Qi wireless charging features in the South China Morning Post

Jan 26, 2018

The media title explores Qi public wireless charging for travellers & latest tech

In the article titled “What travellers need to know about wireless charging and the latest tech coming to stores soon”, journalist Jamie Carter explores the availability of Qi wireless charging points in Hong Kong and around the world to power up those who travel frequently.  

As Jamie mentions “Few travellers can pack a bag that isn’t stuffed with cables these days, but that could all be about to change. There are currently 4,720 Aircharge points around the world, including seven branches of McDonald’s in Hong Kong as well as Caliburger on Wyndham Street, Central. Meanwhile, Hong Kong International Airport has Qi-certified wireless charging points at boarding gates 1, 15, 33 and 34. Not to be outdone, hotel chains Marriott, Ibis, Premier Inn and Novotel have all begun introducing Aircharge points in some territories”. Download Aircharge locator App and discover all the available free wireless charging spots.

Read the full article on here.


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