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Starbucks new EMEA HQ feature Aircharge wireless charging points at every desk

Dec 23, 2019

Already a resident of Chiswick Park, Coffee giant Starbucks relocated their EMEA HQ to a new 54,000 sq. ft office space across the ground and first floor of Building 7 at the beginning of October 2019, join a series of tenants, including Pernod Ricard, Danone, HH Saudi Research & Marketing and Chinese state broadcaster CGTN.

Brand: Starbucks

Location: Chiswick Park, London, UK.

Installation: October 2019

Product: Aircharge Sub-Surface Wireless Charger

No units: 257 installed in individual desks. 


Renowned architecture firm Gensler was appointed to design the new office. Gensler’s design team has worked with the brand since 2012, providing design for more than 200 locations, including retail venues as well as offices. Their approach for the new office follows the same language and resumes design elements already seen applied to the retail environment, delivering a consistent experience that wholly embodies the core values of the Starbucks brand and incorporating efficient solutions to support a more flexible workspace and a mobile workforce.


With Starbucks’ employees heavily relying on their smartphones throughout the day, the Starbucks design team and Gensler approached wireless charging partner Aircharge to provide the right mobile phone charging solution to keep smartphones easily and conveniently powered and connected without having to constantly fiddle with cables and creating unwanted clutter on desks.


Combining beauty with efficiency, Aircharge delivered a total of 257 – one for every desk, sub-surface chargers. Installed from the underside of the table, the Aircharge Wireless Sub-Surface Charger becomes an integral part of the furniture, maintaining the look & feel of the desk completely intact. To indicate the charger position on the desk and allow the optimal placement of the device, the Aircharge logo was laser etched directly on the surface.



Take pride in offering the most advanced and modern wireless charging facilities in your workspace. When you install Aircharge in your meeting rooms, lounge, lobby or workstations, you provide a level of convenience that your employees and visitors will truly appreciate.

• Cable-free charging facilities

• Seamless design integrated into furniture

• Data analytics.

• Integrated services including member check-ins, meeting room/desk booking, table ordering/table service.

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