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Qi wireless charging on 2016 Toyota Camry

Feb 12, 2015

Toyota will show the Special Edition of its flagship Camry at this week’s Chicago Motor Show, with the model due for launch in 2016s. The model will include in-vehicle wireless charging, with the fitment of a Qi-standard charging mat

ISH Technology writes: "Toyota first offered this feature on its 2013 Avalon model, and offered this as an option item or high-grade standard feature on some selected models in Japan. The decision to include Qi wireless charging within the Camry model is a significant move as prior to this announcement, wireless charging had been largely confined to higher-end and luxury vehicles rather than high-volume models.

The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), creator of the Qi standard, currently has the highest number of automakers as members compared to any of the other alliances, with members such as Toyota/Lexus, Volkswagen Audi Group and General Motors – although General Motors are also members of the PMA. Qi-standard wireless charging pads are already available in the US on the Jeep Cherokee, whilst the 2015 Cadillac ATS sport sedan offers a pad that supports both Qi and PMA standards."

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