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Aircharge elected to chair the WPC Infrastructure Application Group

Feb 16, 2015

Aircharge today announced that it has been elected to chair the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Infrastructure Application Group (IAG)

Aircharge already has deployed wireless charging installations in more than 80 public locations throughout the UK, making London the world’s most prominent wireless charging hub. In addition, Aircharge offers a range of accessories that enable any mobile device to charge wirelessly, focusing on a quality consumer experience and compatibility throughout its range.

“Aircharge is delighted to take on this responsibility and support the WPC and it members in accelerating the deployment of a Qi wireless power ecosystem at a global scale, said Ryan Sanderson, Commercial Development at Aircharge and representative chair of the IAG.“ Aircharge has also demonstrated how it can provide synergy between wireless charging and the use of other emerging technologies such as Bluetooth Low Energy beacons and NFC to provide identification, networking and contactless payment -Technologies we will all be using in the future,”

Ranging from watts to kilowatts, the potential for Qi-enabled products is endless from charging mobile devices (wearables, smartphones and notebook computers) to powering kitchen appliances. The WPC recognizes that resonant and inductive techniques are needed in applications, and the Qi standard supports both. The Qi standard ensures seamless interoperability, regardless of manufacturer, brand or charging technique. That means you can charge whatever Qi device you use at any Qi charging location, in any Qi-compatible car, or with any Qi product.

“The WPC has made significant progress with the mass commercialization of a host of products worldwide, and more recently with the wide deployment and installations of Qi in hotels, restaurants, office and public spaces, airports and other transportation hubs and public venues,” added John Perzow, VP of market development for WPC. “With his unique expertise and global experience in this industry, Ryan will continue our organization’s accelerated path in advancing innovations and the application of Qi in countless ways.

Participation in the IAG is open to all members of the Wireless Power Consortium.

About Aircharge

Aircharge, a division of Ergo, offers the latest in wireless charging solutions for the office, home & public spaces, and is one of the most progressive designers of technology-driven interiors products in the UK.

Aircharge is partnering with leading brands to accelerate the adoption of wireless charging on a global scale. Via its range of products and accessories, Aircharge can enable any mobile device to charge wirelessly. Aircharge is a member of the Wireless Power Consortium and all Aircharge products are fully compatible with all devices supporting its Qi global interoperable wireless charging standard.

The Aircharge product range, incorporating the latest technologies, can be integrated into any environment including the home, the workplace or a hospitality venue. Responding to rapidly changing trends in working practices, technology and legislation, Aircharge offers a clever solution with simple installation & smart design.

About the Wireless Power Consortium and Qi

Established in 2008, the Wireless Power Consortium is an open, collaborative standards development group of more than 200 company members. These companies collaborate for a single purpose: to design and evolve the world’s most useful, safe and efficient standard for wireless power.

This global standard is called Qi, and it has become the world’s leading method for transferring electrical power without wires. Qi is designed into 80+ mobile devices, 15 models of cars, has more than 700 registered products that are enjoyed by more than 50 million users worldwide. For more information, visit here.

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