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Apple releases iOS 15 and iPad OS 15 with a range of new helpful features, including one that will hugely benefit businesses incorporating QR codes into their customer journeys.

Sep 23, 2021

Shortly following the latest Apple event last week where the new iPhone 13 series and new iPads were announced, we finally have the latest iOS 15 and iPad OS 15. Along with updated FaceTime, Apple Maps and Safari features, we also have the addition of Live text in Photos. With live text function, iPhone and iPad users are now able to simply hold down on a piece of text, email address or phone number and have the option of looking up, calling or emailing using the highlighted text. What Apple didn’t advertise however, is that Live Text also works with images of QR codes.

This means, if you’re regularly scanning the same QR code, or need to access the QR code while not in close enough proximity to scan it, you can take a photo of it and easily be directed to the link associated with it, without the need to scan it using another device. This is a massive time saver.

Moving forward Live Text could potentially be utilised by businesses by getting their customers to take a photo of their information then being able to quickly access the QR codes, email address, phone numbers etc. Therefore reducing the need to print out business cards and information leaflets. 

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We’re excited to this new feature and we’re looking forward to seeing Apple introduce more  features like this in future updates. 

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