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Aircharge makes Top 3 Wearable Tech list

Mar 16, 2015

Aircharge feature in the Belson Bostock Blog WTS2015 – top 3 Wearable Tech list

"Charging all your techie goodness on the move may not be cool or sexy but until battery technology catches up with our expectations, we will have to continue to live with that gut-twisting, cold-sweat-inducing anxiety which comes with that little battery icon dropping into the red…''

Aircharge is a UK company that’s making it easier for us to stay juiced on the go with wireless charging that can be built into home furniture (see the gorgeous KONCEPT lighting already available) as well as public spaces. Like free WiFi that’s already seen as almost a basic human right, the future could bring free Qi wireless charging on coffee shop tables, restaurants and other spaces. With the Aircharge mobile app you can locate all the available public spaces with free wireless charging.

Click here to read the full blog.

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