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Aircharge and Strawberry energy Provide Solar Powered Wireless Charging in Public Areas

Nov 12, 2015

Aircharge, leading wireless charging innovators, and Strawberry energy, technology pioneers bringing energy, connectivity and local information to urban areas, have embarked on a campaign with a focus on using renewable energy to power wireless charging solutions for public spaces

Following the successful installation of four Strawberry Smart Benches in London, all of which feature integrated Aircharge wireless charging, Strawberry energy and Aircharge have announced an ongoing collaboration to increase the distribution of both wireless charging and sustainable energy use.

The Strawberry Smart Benches function by harnessing and storing solar power, ensuring that an environmentally sound means of charging devices is available to anyone in the public spaces where the benches are deployed.

All future installations of Strawberry Smart Benches will include Aircharge wireless chargers, in addition to corded power, which will allow users with Qi wireless charging enabled devices to simply place their handset on the chargers and replenish their battery.

“Strawberry energy and Aircharge share the same vision: providing a more convenient charging experience for people when they are away from home in public environments. Cooperation between our two companies is a natural step towards delivering increased value for people in our cities,” said Milos Milisavljevic, Strawberry energy CEO.

“We empower better communication by harnessing clean solar energy, but we do not stop there. We listen to our users and clients and act on what we hear. That is how the idea of implementing Aircharge arose. Now people can relax while their Qi-compatible mobile phone is charging on the Strawberry Smart Bench. The wireless charging pad also means less maintenance, with no cables to be replaced.”

“Strawberry Smart Benches are a crucial addition to the wireless power ecosystem," said Ryan Sanderson, Commercial Development Manager at Aircharge and Chair of the Infrastructure Applications Group (IAG) for the Wireless Power Consortium. “These solutions offer a self-sustainable off-grid system which generates 100% of its energy from renewable sources, allowing consumers to top-up their batteries in a manner which is friendly to the environment.”

The joint efforts of both companies are visible not only in their public deployments but in each of their mobile apps. The Aircharge Qi wireless charging locator app can guide users to their nearest publically available Qi wireless charger, while the Strawberry Energy app provides useful local information for each Strawberry Smart Bench location such as temperature and humidity.


  • Once case is installed, simply place handset on any Qi wireless phone charger

  • Conveniently charge your iPhone without plugging it in

  • Lightweight and slimline design minimises phone bulk

  • Sleek styling ensures that your iPhone keeps its sophisticated look

  • Durable materials protect your iPhone from damage

  • Tactile finish gives the case a pleasing texture

  • Qi certified case conforms to high build quality & safety standards

  • Works with all Qi-enabled wireless phone chargers

  • ‘Made for iPhone’ (MFi) certified by Apple

  • Download the Aircharge locator app and access over 5,000 public Qi wireless charging locations worldwide

Technical Specifications:

  • Finish: Black

  • Output: DC5V, 1AN

  • Net weight: 33g

  • Frequency: 110-205kHz

  • Dimensions: 64mm x 135mm x 11mm

  • Compatibility: iPhone 5/5S/SE

  • Certification: 'Made for iPhone' certified; Qi certified

  • 3.5mm audio jack connector included

Qi Compatible

Universal Qi Compatibility

Make sure you can keep charging wherever you are. Aircharge cases are Qi-certified, meaning they are made to the highest standards, and will work with all Qi-compatible hardware.

Tactile finish

Tactile Finish for a Great Feel

Aircharge cases don’t just look great and charge effectively, they’ve also been designed to feel amazing too. With a combination of materials that’s smooth yet durable, you’ll love the sensation of holding this wireless charging iPhone case.

Made for iphone

MFi Certification for Optimal Performance

Submitted for official MFi certification for the iPhone 5/5S/SE from Apple, you can be confident that with this Aircharge case, you’re getting the highest quality of manufacturing and design possible.

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