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Aircharge Boosts Sales for Coffee Shop Chain Sacred Café with wireless charging

Jun 19, 2017

By adding Aircharge wireless charging to their offering, coffee shop tracked an increase in customers and revenue

Coffee shop chain Sacred Café joined forces with Aircharge to install wireless charging facilities at their venue on The Strand, in Central London, with the objective of differentiating their service and creating opportunities to attract new customers and generating additional revenue.

In December 2016, 12 networked  Qi wireless charging points were installed throughout the venue to offer complimentary charging to all customers. Furthermore, the venue location was added to the Aircharge Locator app to drive traffic and the Aircharge sign added to the window to indicate the availability of the service. An Aircharge IoT gateway was also installed and connected onto the Wi-Fi network to provide access to remote system health check and track usage in real time. Statistics and analysis could then form the basis to support marketing initiatives and future layout planning.

In the first 3 months following the installation, Sacred Café recorded a total of 9,294 charges with consistent month-on-month growth in the number of charges and average time per charge, scoring a total increase of 25% and 23% respectively.

These figures translated into a significant increase in footfall of customers looking for charging facilities, spend per customer and additional revenue generated, resulting into a positive impact on both customer experience and business performance. “Since installing Aircharge wireless charging we’ve seen an increase in footfall from both new and returning customers looking to utilise the wireless charging facilities. As a result, revenue and spend per customer have both increased”, confirmed Tubbs Wanigasekera, Owner & MD of Sacred Café.

Read the full case study here.

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