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Qualcomm extends its Quick Charge compliancy program to include fast wireless charging

Feb 27, 2019

An official combined testing process for Quick Charge and Qi-Certified wireless charging will be available to manufacturers to guarantee users a safe and reliable experience

During Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona, multinational semiconductor and telecommunications equipment manufacturer Qualcomm has announced the decision to extend its proprietary Quick Charge compliancy program to wireless power, enabling manufacturers of wireless charging pads to deliver Quick Charge-compliant fast wireless chargers to the market.

With smartphone manufacturers continuing to shift away from traditional wired charging in favour of wireless charging, as the recent announcements from Samsung, LG, Nokia and Xiaomi confirm, Qualcomm wants to avoid wireless charging brands incorrectly claiming to support Quick Charge in their chargers, causing potential damage to businesses and final users utilising those devices.

To resolve this growing problem, Qualcomm partnered up with the Wireless Power Consortium to create an official combined testing process for both Quick Charge and Qi-certified wireless charging. Under the new compliancy program, fast wireless charging devices will have to pass safety and efficiency tests to obtain both certifications.

Aircharge is a board member of the Wireless Power Consortium and holds a chairing position in the Infrastructure Application Group.

Capable of delivering universal fast wireless charging up to 15W –  ensuring wireless charging at the fastest possible rate, all Aircharge solutions are Qi-Certified and automotive and railway compliant, having passed rigorous, independent laboratory tests for safety, interoperability and energy efficiency to guarantee the best and most reliable wireless charging experience at home, in public venues, on transport and in the office.

With over 2,000,000 interactions recorded monthly, Aircharge solutions are specifically built for contract use, providing safe and convenient wireless power to users 24/7.

Learn more about Aircharge fast wireless charging technology here.



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