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Aircharge Collaborates with Disruptive US Sushi Chain Hissho Sushi to Offer Customers Wireless Charging and Table Ordering

Sep 11, 2020

Aircharge collaborates with disruptive US Sushi chain Hissho Sushi to offer customers wireless charging and its latest product offering, Aircharge+, a ground-breaking contactless table ordering interface that aims to support the food and beverage industries transition back to business as usual. 

The innovative solution provides customers visiting Hissho Sushi venues a safe and convenient way to place an order from their smartphone without the need for staff interaction.

14th of September 2020, Rogers, United States – Aircharge, a global leader in wireless charging solutions for the Food and Beverage industry has upgraded its offering through the addition of a smart digital interface that enables venues to offer their customers a safe, convenient and contactless way to order on their smartphones and receive table service. 

Hissho Sushi located inside Walmart in the city of Rogers, United States is amongst the first US-based venues to deploy the Aircharge+ solution. Rogers as a city is famously known as the location of the first Walmart store opened by Sam Walton in 1962. Hissho sushi proudly offers “premium quality sushi, mouth-watering appetizers and rotating taps of craft beer and fine wines to create the perfect pairing.”

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Hissho Sushi’s deployment includes a connected platform via Aircharge+ wireless chargers combined with Aircharge+ digital table markers. Branded with Hissho Sushi’s logo, each spot includes a table number to allow staff members to quickly and easily locate the table that the order belongs too and a digital interface which connects directly into at table ordering and point-of-sale systems. 

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The shift to empowering customers to order and pay via their own mobile devices at table is not only convenient but also avoids unnecessary contact with menus, order points, multiple visits by staff, handling of cash and queueing. The combination of 22 wireless chargers and 17 digital markers also means Hissho Sushi customers who are low on battery can charge their device at their seat in order to access all of these digital functions. Both the digital marker and wireless charger are available with an anti-microbial finish and are also waterproof and can be wiped with anti-bacterial cleaning agents.

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A simple yet intuitive design directs users to scan the QR code or tap the integrated NFC tag. The QR code and NFC tag are uniquely programmed to recognise which table the user is located at, so all they have to do from here is decide what they would like to eat or drink and pay for their meal. In addition to this, Hissho Sushi has chosen to offer its customers access to the venue's WiFi, and an opportunity to leave feedback about their experience. 


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